Pediatric Playroom

HSHS St. John’s Hospital, Springfield, Ill.

The existing pediatric playroom in this hospital featured bright and cheerful walls, plenty of large windows, and an unlimited supply of books, crafts, and activities. But there was something missing from the environment. 

As one staff member explained, “the children have no connection to nature, no natural stimuli.” Although the room had plenty of windows providing natural light, and some visual access to the sky, there was no life to be seen, nothing of Mother Nature’s to just gaze at in wonder.

I proposed The Sky Factory’s eSeatm Digital Cinema Virtual Aquarium. Strategically located and recessed into the wall, the high-definition underwater scenes provide a natural stimuli and a connection to other living things, which provides a host of benefits, especially in children.

As the eSea virtual aquarium operates all day long, viewers experience the living motion, even if only briefly or peripherally. It is this motion, the biophilic engagement, which touches the human soul within the built environment.

The eSea is totally maintenance free, never leaks, never stinks, and the fish are never found upside down. The easy to use wall mounted controller has a user-friendly menu and can be remotely located.

Watch the below video to see how it works.

Product Specifications:  Sky Factory 49” eSea™ Digital Cinema Virtual Aquarium